Saturday, 14 June 2008

12 Weeks - The 12 Steps Explored in a Buddhist Context

The front page of the 12 Weeks blog says "this is going to be fun" and it certainly sounds it. Over at San Francisco Buddhist Center people are gathering to meditate and look at a different Step each week - with a different speaker each week. If I wasn't mostly housebound in Yorkshire (that's the UK for all you non-geographers) I'd be there myself. Not that there'd be much room for me... around 150 attended the first week and 100 the second... who knew the dharma of recovery was so popular? Check out the weekly update for a report from each week's session.

PS Unlike the rest of the images used in this blog, this one comes from the 12 Weeks blog (all rights theirs AFAIK)... I loved the image of the mohawk city buddha... hope the guys at 12 Weeks don't mind me sharing it with you - but I'll be removing it if they do ;-)

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Nancy said...

wish you could be here. start a group where you are!